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Tribute to Dr. Burlingame


Dr. Timothy W. Burlingame was a humble man of principle whose life's work focused on the mental and spiritual growth of children. Dr. Burlingame helped found and grow Sonrise Christian School, one of the largest private elementary schools in Southern California. One of Dr. Burlingames guiding philosophys was, "Don't let schooling get in the way of education." This core concept was the basis of an annual student adventure he started for Jr. High students at Sonrise Christian School called . . . The Walkabout! This annual student trip was a week long adventure where students had the opportunity to backpack through the God's wilderness and discover who they were apart from the comfort and routine of their daily lives.  Over the course of the week long journey, students not only grow closer to their classmates, but also to their Creator as they learn to respect and honor their God-given strengths and weaknesses.  Learning to push through and succeed in an unfamiliar environment enabled students to build character and perspective they would not otherwise have had the opportunity to discover in the sterile classroom environment.


Dr. Burlingame invested over 30 years into youth ministry and changed the lives of thousands of families during that time. Paratus Xpeditions honors his life and exists for the sole purpose of continuing his legacy.     

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