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Training . . .

Our training philosophy is simple in concept; Be ready . . . for anything! It's a daunting task, but our own personal limitations do not excuse us from the responsibility towards life long personal growth.  Attaining this "Paratus" life starts with you making a choice to step up and start the journey. If you don't know where to begin this journey, or you struggle to sustain this lifestyle, perhaps a training event is your start to the rest of your life.


Our preparedness courses are focused on presenting a practical approach to surviving urban and environmental disasters. While we don't completely rule out the possibility of a zombie apocalypse, we try and spend the majority of our time planning for more likely urban and wilderness emergencies.

If you have specific requirements for your group, please contact us to discuss custom designed course options that fit your needs and budget.

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Our approach to firearms training is a simple, tried and true focus on mastering the basics of weapon manipulation.  We provide courses of training in pistol, rifle, and shotgun managment. During our courses we spend significant portions of the training working through the mental preparation needed to function effectively in high stress, 'life or death' scenarios.  

Additional training modules include situational awareness, pre-violence threat indicators, non-verbal predatory cues, home invasion defense strategies, empty-hand to weapon transitions, as well as gear selection.

Contact us for training course openings. 50% downpayment is required at time of registration with remaining balance due on class convening date.  Reservations can be made 30 days prior to training course start date.
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