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The Paratus Articles

The RAFT Survival Philosophy

March 2016


The Paratus Survival-RAFT concept is a survival philosophy, with accompanying product inventory and instructional plan designed to be adapted to YOUR personal strengths and weaknesses, while simultaneously taking into account the realities of being lost in a harsh, unfamiliar environment. We call it a system because it consists of multiple components . . .


Key Elements of a Survival Scenario- Part 1
Timely Reporting of a Search & Rescue

March 2016

"Hope is an intangible tether that keeps desperate individuals out of the grave."


One of the most basic, but critical components to any rescue effort is for the appropriate people to be notified that you’re in need of rescue. It sounds so elementary, but it is the most overlooked component to survival plans. Most fatal strandings and survival related deaths, both on land and at sea, can be traced back to failure of the deceased to notify concerned persons of their latest travel plans. You cannot be rescued if no one knows you’re missing. A proper trip plan consisting of

Key Elements of a Survival Scenario- Part 2
Known Path of Travel

April 2016


Predictable path of travel- When stranded in the ocean, it is somewhat easy to predict a person’s path of travel by identifying the tidal direction at the last known location. The key to this is obviously dependent on the survivor staying with their survival craft- the raft. On land, however, when some one gets lost they begin to wander in unpredictable patterns that can make rescue forecasting very difficult. 

What's The Problem with Most Survival Kits?

April 2016


Consider the contents of most survival kits.  What will they contain? Many of them are loaded with some great gear . . . So where is the problem?

In this article, discover why most survival kits just don't work for the average person. 

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