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Mission . . . Living a Paratus Life!


At Paratus Xpeditions our goal is to equip individuals mentally, physically, and spritually to thrive in a fallen world by experiencing the joy of thriving in God's rugged outdoors. 


On each expedition, we work with students to answer the key questions of life; 

  • Where did we come from?

  • Why are we here?

  • Where are we going?


Each of these questions demands an eternal response; the answers discovered out on the trail become the foundation by which we learn to function in our daily walk as a living witness of Jesus Christ.  The Paratus X curriculum establishes a personal development strategy and allows each student to evaluate their own strengths and calling within God's kingdom. Students who engage in this adventure build a core response plan to Jesus Christ and his work on the cross by putting in place an active plan by which to thrive in the world.  This strategy addresses how we can respond biblically, socially, personally, professionally, and physically to a world who is at odds with our world view.  



By working with students to answer and "own" these questions for themselves, it becomes a launching pad by which to base the entirety of the rest of their lives.  Living a 'Paratus Life' requires each of us to answer these 3 key questions of life. For until we do, no other question matters. 


1 John 4:18




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