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We want you to prevail during your next adventure! Whether at sea or on a summit, we know you demand the best. Paratus X Survival has compiled custom collections of reliable, easy to use equipment for incorporation into a series of activity specific survival kits.  From cross-country RV travel to cross-country skiing, you can adapt the survival system to suit multiple environments, adventures, and scenarios. 





Gear Essentials List:

The list above was developed as a checklist to assist you in deciding which items categorically are the most important to acquire for a potential survival situation.   The Gear Essentials list will help you decide what category of products should be next on your list based on the immediacy with which you may need those items to sustain life while in the wilderness.  Choose any of the category links above to begin your adventure. 


Note: The prioritized order of these categories is limitlessly debatable and beyond the scope or purpose of this tool.  Every person and circumstance differs and requires special consideration, and we realize this.  However, for most people in most situations this list serves as a logical basis for the development of a substantial survival kit, and a complete survival kit negates the debate on categorical order preference.     


How to use the Gear Essentials List:

The categories on the list are in order of importance.  Start with category #1: First-aid. Select the products you need and add them to the cart. Then, move to category #2, and so on.  By the time you've completed the list you will have assembled a world class collection of gear. 


Not sure what gear to choose?

If you're unsure of what items to pick, or if you want a pre-assembled kit, simply click on the Trek Survival Kits link for your choice of adventure-specific survival kits.

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