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Emergency Survival Courses . . .

Emergency preparedness can take on many forms and the extent of preparations can vary widely based on personal expectations, budget, and knowledge.  In all Paratus X preparedness courses we aim to cut through the hype and discuss this daunting subject with a practical and proactive approach.

Contact us for survival course openings. 50% downpayment is required at time of registration with remaining balance due on class convening date.  Reservations can be made 30 days prior to survival course start date.

Prep-Up 101

Course topics include: Likely emergencies, threat assessment, stages of emergencies, gear considerations, evacuation planning, and goal setting.

4 Hours

Homestead Planning

How to begin your homestead planning. Where to start? Homestead layout, species selection, and goal setting.


Grid Down Arsenal Development

Personal and home defense is such an important consideration.  You have the common sense and forethought to plan for the worst, but may need some practical assistance in planning your defensive profile.  


This course allows you to evaluate your needs, understand your requirements, and then experiment with multiple defensive weapon packages to see what options work for you.  Course topics include budget considerations, caliber and platform considerations, all while taking into account your personal and family capabilities and desires. 

Blackout Experience

How will you cope with a loss of power? The Blackout experience is 24-hour guided practical exercise in your home to help identify where you excel and where your preparations fall short for a potential loss of power in an urban setting. Key considerations include establishing back-up power and water supplies, food supplies and preparation, security, lighting, and warmth. 

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