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Saddle Rock Cartridge Co. began in 1941 . . .

Mr T.

. . . with the heart of a sportsman bringing the love of archery and precision shooting to the Wenatchee Valley. Since that time when Eric Thompson's grandfather started his small shop, Eric and Jeanette have been investing in the shooting sports through the years with a foundation of integrity and joy. Eric brings years of practical knowledge and wisdom to the table for all your shooting and reloading needs.  Have a question? Come chat with Eric and he will likely be able to answer it!

Jeanette T.

Pä-rä-tu̇s Training: equipped, prepared, ready . . .

Our training philosophy was developed by individuals who have a vested interest, as we all do, in staying alive and keeping their loved ones alive in the sometimes unforgiving world. We consider it our duty to protect our own families, and our ministry assisting you protect yours. Too often we read about preventable tragedies occurring in the wilderness and within our cities that, with a small amount of knowledge and preparation, could have been avoided. We have been blessed with a team of professionals as consultants, combining over eighty years of experience in Land and Sea Search and Rescue, Medical Evacuations, Law Enforcement and Military operations, and Wilderness Expeditions. We still have much to learn, but in the mean time we are attempting to pass on some of the knowledge to you in an easily understood and applicable system. 

Saddle Rock is excited to welcome owner/operator/instructor Josh Burlingame to the team in response to a calling to share over twenty-five years of search & rescue, firearms training, and outdoor experience with friends and family.  As both a passion and ministry, outdoor education focusing on equipping others is a lifelong pursuit for Josh.  

Josh B.
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